City of Kuopio & Puijo area

  • Noted for having the cleanest air in Finland and 6th in all of Europe by 2018 World Air Report
  • Four beautiful, full seasons with aurora borealis in the winter and midnight sun during summer
  • Nearly 120 000 citizens call Kuopio home
  • Kuopio’s Lakeland consists of pristine forest and crystal-clear lakes
  • Puijo Peak is a one-of-a-kind virgin forest park with the culturally rich city of Kuopio surrounding it
  • Puijo is the oldest private protected nature preserve in Finland (established in 1928) 
  • Olympic stature: altogether 44 World Championships & Olympic medals for athletes who have trained in Puijo
  • Finland named happiest country in the world by United Nations World Happiness Report 2019
  • Finland named best country to visit for wildlife travel by True Luxury Travel index 2019

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